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AJ SmartFresh™ LunchBox

AJ SmartFresh™ LunchBox

Still using expensive disposable plastic and tinfoil food wraps?
Still using disposable food boxes?

Its time to Stop Wasting! Its Easy!

Our sustainable Portable LunchBox is a genius in keeping your lunch fresh while on the move! Ideal for Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps or those leftovers from last night!

The AJ SmartFresh™ LunchBox is your perfect sustainable alternative that is an absolute necessity to streamline the way you eat on the move!

Time to completely refuse those wasteful disposable plastic wraps and take the sustainable and alternative route...

The route to the jungle, Alternative Jungle.



Sustainable Features

The Pistachio Green SmartFresh™ LunchBox was designed in retaliation to the single-use disposable plastic plague that still haunts our earth. This perfect sustainable alternative is not only the right choice, but the healthy choice to make.

Smart Material
Environmentally Friendly Food Grade PP and Premium Grade Silicone
 with unlimited amount of uses after cleaning. 
Our SmartFresh LunchBox is made with odor-proof, stain-resistant, BPA-free, elastic film. Making it completely safe, non-toxic, healthy and eco-friendly. 

Economically Viable
Watch your Savings Grow when you save money DAILY with the AJ SmartFresh™ LunchBox. The ZERO-WASTE approach that acts as the perfect steps in beginning or growing your sustainable journey.

Never accept wrapping your food with wasteful shrink wrap or toxic aluminium again! This innovation is a game-changer for food preservation while being Eco-friendly, Extremely Portable and highly durable.

Product Features

Portable Brilliance
The SmartFresh™ LunchBox takes portable to the next level! Pack your lunch safely and easily in your backpack, handbag or even laptop bag. Travel light, travel smart. 

Multiple Applications
The SmartFresh™ LunchBox is ideal for people who are constantly on the move, whether that be for the office, attending classes or even at the gym. This Portable LunchBox is also useful for a picnic and storing or displaying snacks. 

Each LunchBox is designed with a premium food-grade silicone that enables easy sealing of food and other perishables. Keep your food fresh for a long time with no worries about it going brown. 

The Silicone material allows the user to write on the space provided to label the SmartFresh™ LunchBox and is easily wiped away with a wet cloth.


Product Specifications

Material: Premium Grade Silicone & PP
Weight per gram: 116g
Color:Pistachio Green
Unit size: 15.5 * 15.5 * 2.5cm 

Note: when heating in the microwave oven, remember to remove the PP fixed frame!



Our Promise

We ensure that we work to our utmost ability to honor your choice to try out sustainable alternatives and to take part in this transition to a conscious, sustainable reality. With this in mind, please bare with us during these crazy and demanding times as we do our best to ensure swift delivery of your orders, everyone counts.
All deliveries are tracked and insured directly to your doorstep.

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