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Our Story

Calling all Mothers and Soon-to-be-Mothers!

Welcome to Alternative Jungle,

Nothing in life is more important than your family and their well-being. Babies and children must be brought into a world that offers them nurture, love and a true optimistic future. Living sustainably is our way to ensure that this happens and is essential for us as humans to live happily and freely for the foreseeable future. 


We are a company dedicated to providing customers with a carefully curated selection of high quality sustainable products. Our vision is to provide sustainable alternatives to things that you use every day and elevate awareness for the importance of conscious consumption. 

We understand that living sustainably can present a challenge to most lifestyles, that is why we are committed to making the conscious choice as convenient and as obvious as possible. 

Alternative Jungle's values are rooted in Africa and was founded on the promise to help build a sustainable future for our planet. We honor your choice to live consciously with our vow to plant bamboo for every purchase made on Alternative Jungle.

Shop the jungle, grow the jungle, with us. 

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With an unlimited amount of general uses and 1642 known species, Bamboo is thefastest growing woody plant in the world, making it one of themost sustainable resources known to man.


The Mission

Sustainability excites us and we are passionate about understanding and exploring the sheer value of what planting bamboo offers our world. This is why we strive to not only promote products that are earth-friendly, but have made it our mission to facilitate the growing of a bamboo jungle that can give our earth the help and love she deserves.

We believe it is our moral obligation to ensure that the notion for sustainability is the cornerstone for our actions and have grounded this into our day to day decisions and values.

Bamboo Planting is a means for a better, brighter and long lasting future. We believe that through planting bamboo, we are promoting the global acceptance of an unmatched sustainable resource for the future.

Shop the Jungle, Grow the Jungle, With us.

So How Do You Help?

By shopping with us, you make an instantaneous positive impact on our earth.

Your purchase goes directly towards planting bamboo clumps that absorb more Carbon Dioxide and produce more Oxygen better than almost all trees. 

To us, it's a no brainer. Our products already aim to solve or replace the problems of conventional earth damaging products while helping to plant a sustainable, renewable resource that has more benefits than anyone could ever imagine.

Not only do we plant bamboo for your purchase, but we offer YOU the option to balance and offset the carbon footprint of your purchase, in one-click upon checkout

Its time for you to truly make a difference, not only for our planet but for yourself. Sleep at night with a fulfilled conscious of accomplishment and reap the benefits both mentally and emotionally knowing that you are doing more than just your part to save our planet (while still gaining the pleasures of online shopping that we all just cannot stop doing). 




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