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Ultimate SolarSmart™ Power Bank

Ultimate SolarSmart™ Power Bank

The Game Changer Is Here.

This Solar powered Power Bank and LED Flashlight guarantees you are able to charge your devices when you need them most, anywhere and everywhere. Embrace the outdoors, stay out late and experience the life you've always dreamed. 

A Highly Efficient SolarSmart™ PowerBank that acts as your perfect alternative to charging your devices the right way. Simply clip the power bank to your pocket, belt or backpack on the run and never worry about not being able to capture a moment because your phone died!

Dual USB, charge two devices at once. Streamlining your Outdoor Experience.

Safely get to those "Off the Grid" spots/trails or charge your phone on the way to work.

Travel Smart, Travel Conveniently.




Sustainable Features

The Ultimate SolarSmart™ Power Bank is your perfect sustainable alternative to using conventional plastic and portable chargers and other methods that burns fossil fuels and harms our planet.

Rather have no worries about your phone running out of battery while camping or when getting carried away on that slightly longer trail/adventure.

SolarSmart™ Energy
Solar Powered Energy replaces the the need for electricity to charge your tech devices and subsequently reduces the amount of power used for your everyday accessories. 

An ideal sustainable alternative.

Smart Convenience and Portable Brilliance
Whenever and wherever you are, you can charge your devices just when you need them most. Don't worry about being "off the grid" and away from civilisation, EMBRACE it and be sustainable!

Never run out of phone battery again.

Never forget to pack a charger again.

Never cut those adventures short because your out of battery again.

Stay out late and maximize your exploration time with the Ultimate SolarSmart™ Power Bank and Flashlight.



Product Features 

Superior Efficiency
The SolarSmart™ Power Bank is not just your standard portable charger...
Made with the highest quality materials, a solar efficiency and up to 20 000 mAh is achieved. Our Monocrystalline silicon solar panel receiver is more efficient because they are cut from a single source of silicon, maximising the power intake and conversation rate. 

Charge your devices MULTIPLE times, hassle free!

It's a no brainer for outdoor enthusiasts.

DustProof, WaterProof , Shockproof - SMART
Extremely durable and resistant to scratches, water, shock, and abrasion. The panel has ageing resistance properties and has a glossy look. Tough and Water resistant enough to withstand the worst of storms and toughest conditions the outdoors has to offer.

The Smart security chip is equipped with temperature monitoring, intelligent over temperature protection, more stable charging.


Multi-function LED Smart Light and Compass Kit
The solar powered LED light that leads you through darkness and emergencies and acts as your perfect replacement to using a traditional torch that wastes batteries and plastic. 3 different functions; Strong light/Strobe/SOS... ideal for outside activities such as camping, hiking and traveling.

A portable compass kit is attached too, a handy tool for outdoor activities, like camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking and beaches. 

Explore our planet with a conscious mindset.

Luxurious Design and Workmanship
The side of the shell is wrapped in premium grade silicone enabling non slip and anti drop performance features. Thin, compact and slick design allows easy use on the move, fits your hand perfectly.

Made with Premium Grade Silicone and ABS, effectively allowing heat dissipation.
Feel the comfort in your hand.

Dual USB, Multi Charge
This sustainable Power Bank has 2 USB ports that can power two different devices simultaneously. The USB ports are well protected by sealed caps, to further keep them away from normal rain and dust.

Ultra Lightweight
The SolarSmart™ Power Bank weighs less than 10 ounces/ a pound and eradicates any nerves that you may have on it being too heavy and slowing you down. You won't even notice it's there, that light.




Product Specifications

Battery Type: Li-polymer Battery
Output Interface : Double USB
Battery Capacity: 20 000 mAh
Input Interface : Micro Usb
Shell Material: Premium Grade Silicone + ABS
Weight: 9.5 oz (265 g).
Quality Certification : CE, ROHS, FCC
LED Lamp Illumination
Size: 6.3 x 3.1 x 0.7 inches (161mm x 79mm x 17mm)
Color: Black, Orange, Yellow, Green


Wide compatibility:  

USB Port: iPad mini, tablet, iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, bluetooth headset, iPod digital products and any other 5V USB devices.



Our Promise

We ensure that we work to our utmost ability to honor your choice to try out sustainable alternatives and to take part in this transition to a conscious, sustainable reality. With this in mind, please bare with us during these crazy and demanding times as we do our best to ensure swift delivery of your orders, everyone counts.

All deliveries are tracked and insured directly to your doorstep.

Shop the jungle, grow the jungle, with us.

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