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Rechargeable SolarSmart UFO Lantern

Rechargeable SolarSmart UFO Lantern

Streamlining your Outdoor Experience, on the move or in the garden.

A Remote Controlled SolarSmart LED Lantern that guarantees you're never left alone in the dark and are completely prepared for the night ahead. Whether your'e getting involved in nature, needing new outdoor lighting or simply feel like dinner outside for a change...

This Solar Alternative could't be more ideal for you.Especially if you truly love exploring our planet and embracing the outdoors.

PLUS, Never run out of phone battery ever again!  

Intelligent Design with 120 LEDs, 5 Smart Light Modes and a Built-In Rechargeable Battery. Charge your devices when you need them most, anywhere and everywhere... the right way. 

Stay out late and experience the life you've always dreamed. 

Travel Smart, Travel Conveniently.



Sustainable Features

The Rechargeable SolarSmart UFO Lantern is your perfect sustainable alternative to using fuel powered generators/ other gas lights and methods that release harmful poisons into our planet.

Luckily, Alternative Jungle are here to stay and change the way you hit the Outdoors, the right way!

SolarSmart Energy
Solar Powered Energy replaces the the need for electricity to power lights and charge your tech devices, subsequently reduces electricity bills and inconvenience in the process. 

With solar charging, whether it be rain, wind and sand, or the many other harsh outdoor environments, the SolarSmart Lantern will be your companion through it all.

An ideal sustainable alternative.

Smart Convenience and Portable Brilliance
Whenever and wherever you are, effectively illuminate the area around you, just when you need to most. Don't worry about being "off the grid" and away from civilisation, EMBRACE it and be sustainable!

The Rechargeable SolarSmart UFO Lantern is designed to be the ultimate portable device that causes ZERO inconvenience and heightens your outdoor and camping experience. The solar powered light and power bank charges on the move and eradicates the need to bring torches and other wasteful plastic accessories. 

Never forget to pack a charger again.

Never cut those adventures short because you are out of battery again.




Product Features 

SmartTech Remote Controlled
Remote Control - A Unique yet marvellous feature to the SmartSolar range, taking usability and convenience to the next level. Simply sit back and relax from the comfort of your chair, tent, patio or garden. Turn the lantern on and off or change the light mode at the press of a button. 

Sustainability and Intelligence at the tips of your fingers.

Ultra Lightweight
The SolarSmart Lantern weighs less than a pound and eradicates any nerves that you may have on it being too heavy and slowing you down. You won't even notice it's there, that light.

SmartTech UFO Design

The Rechargeable Solar Lantern has a visually pleasing UFO shaped design to maximize light coverage and usability. The 120 LEDs are distributed evenly to ensure you are covered with more than enough light to continue with any night activities as needed. A smart power display indicator is added with 4 illuminating lights to ensure you are fully prepared, always.

Dust and Water Proof
Extremely durable and resistant to scratches, water, shock, and abrasion. The panel has ageing resistance properties and has a glossy look. Tough and Water resistant enough to withstand the worst of storms and toughest conditions the outdoors has to offer.

The Smart security chip is equipped with temperature monitoring, intelligent over temperature protection, more stable charging.

Built-In PowerBank
Additional beneficial features of a 3600 mAh built in battery, allowing you to charge your devices anywhere and everywhere! More importantly, this battery is rechargeable and means you are guaranteed around 8-12 hours of Light. 



Product Specifications

Material: Aluminum alloy, ABS

Light Power: 5V, 120W
Light Modes (5): high-medium-low-burst-SOS
Battery: Built-in 18650 battery, 3600 mAh
Waterproof: IPX42
Charging: Solar Powered (with USB charging Back up)
Manufacturer: Pocketman
Weight: 300g




Our Promise

We ensure that we work to our utmost ability to honor your choice to try out sustainable alternatives and to take part in this transition to a conscious, sustainable reality. With this in mind, please bare with us during these crazy and demanding times as we do our best to ensure swift delivery of your orders, everyone counts.

All deliveries are tracked and insured directly to your doorstep.

Shop the jungle, grow the jungle, with us.


Be Alternative and Be Smart, SolarSmart.

By choosing this solar powered sustainable alternative, you are doing your part in reducing the amount of electricity used, carbon emitted, and subsequent fossil fuels consumed.

With that being said... you save money in the process!

To us, Alternative Jungle, its a no brainer... so we made an entire collection of SolarSmart necessities accessible to the world allowing you to continue your sustainable journey the easy way!

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