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Reusable SmartFresh™ Container Set

Reusable SmartFresh™ Container Set

Still using disposable plastic food wraps and aluminium tinfoil?

Its time to Stop Wasting! Its Easy!

Our SmartFresh™ Container is an expert in keeping your food fresh and ready, while on the move or to save fridge space! Taking Reusable to the next level, the Eco-Friendly squeeze seal design mean no lids are needed, ever.

Need to freshly store snacks in the fridge? Premake meals? For your car? Or for a Picnic? Need to microwave your leftovers? Defrost tonight's dinner? Boil the veggies? Marinade the chicken? 


The uses are endless!


The perfect sustainable alternative necessary to upgrade the way you run your Kitchen AND consciously consume food on the run! Whether that be for the office, attending classes or even at the gym. Perfect for a picnic and storing those leftovers freshly!


Proper Food Deserves Proper Care.



Plastic Wrap, Cling Film, Saran Wrap... what can we say? 

A "food wrap" that breaks at the slightest touch, allowing nothing to be stacked on top of it. Wasteful.

A "food wrap" where you never truly know whether your food is actually "sealed" and going to be fresh the next day. Wasteful.

A "food wrap" that is used once, thrown away and ends up in landfills at best, and as rubbish on the streets and in the sea at worst. Wasteful.

It is Time to completely REFUSE those wasteful disposable plastic wraps and take the sustainable and alternative route...

The route to the jungle, Alternative Jungle.



Sustainable Features

The SmartFresh™ Container Set was designed in retaliation to the single-use disposable plastic plague that still haunts our earth. This perfect sustainable alternative is not only the right choice, but the healthy choice to make for you, your budget and the environment.

Green Materials
Plastic Free, 100% pure non-toxic platinum silicone (Entirely free of BPA, lead, PVC, latex and phthalates). The Premium Food Grade Silicone can be heated and not leach harmful chemicals like plastics do when heated.

These Reusable SmartFresh™ Containers are extremely eco-friendly compared to traditional wasteful disposable plastics that are used for a few minutes but damage our environment for 2,000 years or more without biodegradation.

Smart WasteSaver
The SmartFresh™ Container is endlessly reusable and erases the need to purchase wasteful plastic containers and food warps. By using ONE reusable snacker, you are replacing the need to use over 4000 wasteful plastic bags.

Never use LIDS again or accept wrapping your food with wasteful shrink wrap or toxic aluminium again! 

Economically Viable
Watch your Savings Grow when you save money DAILY with the Reusable SmartFresh™ Container Set. The ZERO-WASTE approach that acts as the perfect steps in beginning or growing your sustainable journey.

This sustainable innovation is a game-changer for keeping your food fresh, portably and durably.





Product Features

SmartFresh™ Storage
The SmartFresh™ Container Set ensures food preservation for all sorts of foods, containing EIGHT different Holders of assorted sizes. With the option to buy them in smaller bundles too.

Safely and Simply store everything and anything you've ever needed. All those unfinished avocados, fruits and BBQ leftovers you'd rather not waste and throw away.

Portable Brilliance
The Eco-Friendly Container Set takes portable to the next level! Simply place your food inside the Container to pack it away ... when you get the munchies, merely open it and use it as a bowl on the move. Eat, Fold up and Pack away. It just doesn't get better. (Do not travel with liquids such as soups)

Travel light, travel smart. 

SmartStand Design
Our SmartStand Design brightens the feel of your kitchen, saving space in your freezer, fridges and pantry. The reusable containers are designed in a way that allows items to be stored in a stable stand up position that can SAVE up to 30% on Fridge Space!

Keep your food fresh for a long time with no worries about it going brown or getting knocked over.

SqueezeSeal Design
Simply squeeze the top of the bag to create a vacuum seal.

Perfect for prepping smoothies and workout shakes! Simply mix, pop open and pour into an Eco-friendly Bottle. Corners designed to safely and stably empty out the contents of your SmartFresh™ Snacker for you to consume with a happy heart! 






Product Specifications

Use: Keep Fresh Food Storage

Type: Storage Cups
Material: 100% Platinum Grade Silicone
Weight: 3pcs bowl: 260g; 3pcs cup: 200g; 8pcs SET: 590g. 

Package includes: 
8x Set Bag. (3 Bowls, 3 Cups, 1 sandwich, 1 snacker)

Sizes: Depicted Below







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