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Lunar Limbo™ Lamp

Lunar Limbo™ Lamp


- noun

Suspended between two states.

Throughout human history, the moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol. It brings about a mysterious, delightfully romantic feeling of wonder about the grand expanse of space. Bring your very own miniature model of the Earth's oldest friend into your home and add a touch of warm light and levitation luxury to your room. 


Sustainable Features

Made With The Earth
This lamp is built with a solid wooden base and a glass bulb, both of which will eventually return to the earth from whence they came.

Lifting Efficiency
Electromagnetic induction uses a fraction of the electricity consumed by a conventional wired lamp. 

Conscious Construction 
The lamp itself is 3D printed using environmentally friendly PLA material, made from cork, in order to accurately build up the lunar surface for a realistic presence. 



Product Features

Flies In the Face of Physics
Powered purely by electromagnetic induction, the moon lights up and levitates above its beautiful wooden base, rotating slowly.

Functionality First
This groundbreaking concept uses far less electricity and turns a simple lamp into a dynamic, functional decoration. Simply touch to change the color of the light. 

Elevated Decor
Decorate your own world - cast a gentle glow on your desk or bedside table.

A Colour For Every Mood
Effortlessly change the colour of the light to suit the space. Choose between three different shades of light to suit the mood for any occasion.


Product Specifications

Moon Size: 14 cm x 14 cm
Base Size : 19.5cm x 19.5 cm 

Package Includes

1x Moon Lamp
1x Wooden base
1x Power Adapter 
1x User Manual





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