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Limbo™ Lamp

Limbo™ Lamp


- noun

Suspended between two states.

For as long as electricity has been around, lamps have taken on a plethora of different designs and approaches to lighting up a room in a way that is functional and attractive at the same time. As in any industry, every now and then there is a shift in perspective, a new way of doing things. This is it; why not make light bulbs, levitate?

Add a touch of elegant electromagnetic madness to your home with the Limbo Lamp. This sophisticated piece emits a warm hue while slowly rotating in mid air, a great conversation starter to say the very least!

Sustainable Features

Treads Lightly
Using electromagnetic conductivity to power the bulb, the Limbo light uses less electricity than your conventional table side lamp, and looks better doing it.

Made From The Earth
This lamp is built with a solid wooden base, a stainless steel body and a glass bulb, all of which will eventually return to the earth from whence they came.

Built to last
Made from a selection of high-grade, durable materials, the Limbo Lamp is a high quality centre piece that will stand the test of time and look good while doing it. 


Product Features

Makes Gravity Go Up
Using magnetic suspension technology, the bulb is suspended in mid air when the lamp is in use and rotates slowly for a dynamic lighting experience.

Simple, So Simple
To turn the lamp on, simply hold the bulb underneath the opposing side of the lamp body. The rest takes care of itself!

Old is In
With a vintage bulb design, The Limbo Lamp runs the line between a classic look and a futuristic execution.

Smart Charging
The wooden base of each Lamp doubles as a wireless charger, eliminating messy cables at your bedside.


Product Specifications

Materials : Glass, Wood, Stainless Steel
Body Size : 16 cm x 11 cm x 37.5 cm
Bulb Size : 7 cm x 13 cm 
Rated Voltage : 12V
Rated Power : 2W

Package Includes: 

1 x Magnetic Levitating Light Bulb
1 x Holder Base
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual



Our Promise

We ensure that we work to our utmost ability to honor your choice to try out sustainable alternatives and to take part in this transition to a conscious, sustainable reality. With this in mind, please bare with us during these crazy and demanding times as we do our best to ensure swift delivery of your orders, everyone counts.

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